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Choose Cluster Lashes For DIY Lash Extensions From Nanolash!

By CN!

Every woman dreams of an alluring gaze. However, not every woman can boast naturally luscious lashes as they are often weak and tend to fall out or break. Natural eyelashes are usually weak and thin. Today, however, every woman get gets lash extensions without the help of a beautician thanks to DIY Lash Extensions!

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Is it possible to get lash extensions without visiting a beautician?

Most women choose to visit a beautician for semi-permanent lash extension treatment. It takes from 2 to even 3 hours to complete, although the application can last for up to 2-3 weeks. However, this method is not perfect.

Lash glue, as well as false lashes that are too heavy negatively impact the natural lashes. After several years of semi-permanent lash extensions, they become weak and may also start to fall out.

Moreover, semi-permanent eyelash extensions are not a solution for every woman. Not all of them will be enthusiastic about long-lasting results that cannot be changed or taken off when they feel like it.

In this case, Nanolash cluster lashes – DIY Lash Extensions may be the solution! These wisps are designed for DIY application that can be done in the comfort of your home in just 10 minutes.

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DIY Lash Extensions Tufts – discover this premium product!

DIY Eyelash Extensions are a premium product. Nanolash brand has made every effort to meet the needs of even the most demanding women. The ready-to-use lash clusters for DIY application come in two versions:

  • a single box- it consists of 36 clusters in 8 styles to choose from and 3 lengths (10, 12, and 14 mm) in each case;
  • a complete lash extensions kit – in addition to the lash clusters, it includes extra accessories like a bonder, a sealer, a remover, and a lash applicator tool by Nanolash.

The manufacturer ensures that using cluster lashes at home requires no prior experience. The application itself is said to take only 10 minutes and last up to 5 days. 

How to apply DIY Lash Extensions?

Using DIY Lash Extensions should be completely fuss-free. This is due to the high quality of the product, designed to make DIY applications as easy as possible. All you need to do is to:

  • apply a thin layer of the bonder and wait about 30-60 seconds until it gets tacky;
  • apply the pre-made cluster leashes underneath the natural lashes, about 1 mm away from the lash line;
  • lightly press the lashes together;
  • coat the finished look with the sealer to remove the sticky feeling.

Thanks to the great diversity of DIY Eyelash Extensions, ladies can create any lash style they want. These false lashes for at-home application allow you to create Russian Volume lashes as well as a natural full-lash look for everyday wear.

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Cluster eyelashes for at-home application from Nanolash – summary

The pre-made cluster lashes for DIY application from Nanolash are a product with unquestionable benefits. They are special due to their:

  • softness;
  • diversity;
  • adaptability to individual needs;
  • easy application in 10 minutes;
  • durability of up to 5 days.

It is the perfect solution for women who dream of long and thick eyelashes without leaving home. Thanks to Nanolash, you no longer have to worry about making appointments at your beauty salon!

DIY Lash Extensions can be used by any woman. They are the perfect false lashes for weddings, for work, as well as for spontaneous photo shoots. They allow you to achieve a seductive and passionate gaze in just a few minutes.