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AHA Glycolic Acid

By CN!

The AHA treatment has become hugely popular thanks to the amazing properties of Glycolic Acid used in this process. The Glycolic Acid is a chemical skin exfoliate. The pores in the nose area can be easily clogged. Exfoliation of the skin surface send a signal into the skin urging the skin to increase rate the skin turnover, which helps prevent clogs.

There are two types of exfoliations: mechanical and chemical. The first method involves physically scrapping of the top layer of the derma skin. This type of removing the dead skin cells can easily irritate the skin and intensify the inflammation. Chemical exfoliation, on the other hand, which requires putting acid onto the skin provides superior and more even exfoliation but without the skin irritation.

Glycolic acid is the most widely used chemical exfolliant due to its effectiveness. It is available is stores and pharmacies in concentrations up to 10%. To get the best results you should get at a product that contains at least 8% of the acid.

AHA is a treatment that is perfect for busy patients who wants to freshen and brightens their complexion but without much downtime. It is great for skin that is looking dry and blocked from too much sun or that is prone to breakouts. After cleansing, naturally occurring Alpha Glycolic Acid and Salicylic acid are applied on the skin. The upper derma layer of the skin is being gently exfoliated and new, clear and radiant skin is exposed from beneath. Light peeling helps to smooth and reduce fine lines, wrinkles and any discolorations. It penetrates deeply into pores to dissolve acne plagues. You may feel gentle tingling sensation, that is the sign that the sign that the fruit acid really works.

Immediately after the AHA session, your skin is going to look young, pink, and fresh. The whole treatment should take no longer than 30 min. It is important to keep your skin protected from the sun once to avoid sunburn. If you would like to look great during the big event in your life, make sure that you have the AHA treatment done a few weeks earlier. Your skin will look radiant and glowy.

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