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GRAND Hair Heat Protection Spray TEST. Which Products Deliver Best Results?

By CN!

Without doubt, a high quality heat protection spray is the absolute must-have if you use the high temperatures to style your hair. Lucky for us, these cosmetics are widely available, meaning that you can find a bottle or two of heat protection spray in almost all drugstores and stores selling beauty products.

Sometimes you have no choice – you simply have to reach for the dryer. You won’t leave the home with wet hair, will you? Whenever you create a protective coating on the hair, you won’t have to worry about the possible damage that high temperatures are proven to inflict on the hair. Believe it or not, the heat damages hair a lot! More worryingly, the damage can’t be fixed often times, leaving you with no other option but getting the hair cut short.

Not sure which heat protection spray is right for you? Don’t worry, we went through a number of products to select only the best ones. Below you will find a list of our finest findings. 

Grand Test of Hair Heat Protection Sprays

Nanoil Heat Protectant Spray

Volume: 6.76 fl oz / 200 ml

Nanoil Heat Protectant Spray

No wonder why this product is hailed as the best heat protection spray because – apart from keeping the hair safe – it also repairs damage. Silk proteins that the Nanoil product contains protect the hair against high temperatures (works in 440 degree F), lock moisture and promote smoothness. When coated with Nanoil Heat Protectant Spray, hair starts looking better and healthier. Vitamin E, which is another ingredient used in the formula, deeply regenerates the hair, at the same time dealing with frizz and static. No doubt, this is an amazing cosmetic for damaged hair. It’s completely oil-free so it doesn’t deprive hair of volume. This means that all the nutrients and other ingredients in Nanoil Heat Protectant Spray penetrate hair, instead of creating a heavy build-up on the surface.

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Kevin Murphy Ever Smooth

Volume: 5.27 fl oz / 150 ml

Here is another excellent heat protection cosmetic. This one, however, costs definitely more but it delivers all the promised results. And it’s super fast at doing so! It prevents frizz, protects the strands from high temperatures, combats tangles – to name just three benefits of using Kevin Murphy Ever Smooth. It also leaves hair looking nice and smooth, keeping it that way for the entire day. This product wouldn’t be as effective if it wasn’t made up of the lemon aspen extract, white cypress extract, blue cypress extract, and tree bark extract. When combined, these nature-origin ingredients improve the appearance of extremely damaged strands. Using this heat protectant on a daily basis gives you lustrous strands that smell great. What else could you possibly want? Well, maybe a lower price…

Moroccanoil Protect Spray

Volume: 7.60 fl oz / 225 ml

Moroccanoil Protect Spray is said to be an amazing product. It can’t be denied, the quality of this hair spray is pretty high – that’s why it’s often used in professional hair salons. It provides long-lasting hydration, nourishment and strong protection from heat damage. Actually, it’s also proven to combat unfavorable weather conditions, keeping hair safe from the negative effects of low temps, blowing wind and high air humidity. And this effect is owed to argan oil that all Moroccanoil products feature. You will also find here provitamin B5 that deeply moisturizes and prevents mechanical damage. It also promotes shine and smoothness. With Moroccanoil Protect Spray, you get well-protected and elastic hair that looks amazing for hours.

Davines Melu Hair Shield

Volume: 8.45 fl oz / 250 ml

This plain bottle hides a high quality heat protection spray composed of natural-origin ingredients such as lentil seed extract. Known as a deeply nourishing product, Davines Melu Hair Shield stimulates keratin production in hair. This means that this spray is able to fix and reverse damage. Making hair stronger, this heat protection spray also prevents breakage, promotes softness and boosts shine. Does it really shield hair against high temperatures? Sure, it does! But it can do more than that, which is worth realizing. Davines Melu Hair Shield proves that combining the properties of a heat protection product with a quality hair conditioner is possible.

Rahua Hydration Detangler + UV Barrier

Volume: 6.52 fl oz / 193 ml

It’s time for a luxurious hair care product that offers strong heat damage protection. Rahua Hydration Detangler + UV Barrier is made from 100% natural-origin ingredients that have a moisturizing and nourishing effect. Rahua and morete oils, which contain vitamins A, C, E, fatty acids, beta-carotene and omega-3 acids, offer numerous benefits for hair. This spray combats tangles and increases hair manageability for easy styling. Additionally, it makes strands soft, elastic and pleasant to the touch. This moisturizing formula deals with frizz and static. It’s even said to soothe irritated scalp! Although Rahua Hydration Detangler + UV Barrier is quite expensive, it’s worth having!