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Head-To-Toe Care With Coconut Oil

By CN!

Every one of us loves cosmetics that are not only effective but also versatile and well-composed – it would be best if they were all-natural, efficient and proven. As a matter of fact, that’s exactly what coconut oil is like: not only does it smell great, it also provides a complex care. it will be an excellent treatment for the body and hair. We will tell you how to become beautiful from head to toe with the help of coconut oil.

Coconut oil for the feet 

Its bactericidal and slightly moisturising and smoothing action will be loved by the dry skin of the feet. The problem with rough heels will disappear forever. Coconut oil will also take care of the toenails, nourish them and prevent drying of the cuticles.

Coconut oil for the body 

Suitable for massage – ladies who are struggling with the problem of cellulite will definitely like it. Coconut oil takes care of the skin after sunbathing and moisturizes perfectly preventing overdrying. An interesting fact is that coconut oil is also suitable for depilation.

Coconut oil for the face 

Make-up remover, night serum and maybe an anti-wrinkle cream? It turns out that coconut oil will work great for each of these options. It has a cleansing effect, soothes irritations, treats both the dry skin of your face and supports the treatment of acne skin, and additionally helps to smooth out wrinkles.

Coconut oil for teeth (oil pulling)

Coconut oil whitens teeth – it sounds unbelievable, but it’s true. It only brightens discolourations and strengthens the enamel, but also takes care of the bacterial flora in the mouth, decontaminates, cleanses and prevents germs from multiplying.

Coconut oil for the hair 

This is coconut oil’s one of the most important purposes. It is worth looking for it in the oil blends designed for hair oiling because coconut oil increases the value and effectiveness of each product. It doesn’t only enrich the whole cosmetic with a complex of vitamins and minerals, but also increases its durability and prevents the multiplication of bacteria. Coconut oil perfectly harmonizes with other oils: it cleanses the scalp, contains a high natural filter that protects the hair from the sun radiation, takes perfect care of dry hair ends, which usually have a higher porosity.