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How to Remove Face And Eye Makeup Properly?

By CN!

Removing face and eye makeup properly is the basis of skincare. Without a thorough cleansing of the skin in the evening, there is no hope for a flawless complexion. If blackheads and pimples appear on the skin in the morning, this is a consequence of not washing dirt, makeup, smog, and toxins from the skin surface. Take your time to remove makeup and your skin will be healthy, radiant, and youthful. Check out how to remove face and eye makeup properly.

Makeup removal is a very important skincare aspect. Although you may not see exhaust fumes, sebum, sweat, bacteria, and impurities that clog pores, they settle on the skin every day. Unclean skin cannot breathe freely. Plus a layer of makeup and… imagine how dirty and clogged your face is.

You need to get rid of the impurities effectively and as quickly as possible. Improperly removed makeup leads to irritation, redness, or itchy and puffy eyes in the morning. Proper makeup removal every day ensures a clear complexion free of blemishes. It is also very important to exfoliate once a week to remove dead skin cells and prep the skin for further skincare stages.

How to remove makeup?

Use a special lotion, liquid, or gel to cleanse the face. When choosing a makeup remover, be guided by the type and condition of your skin.

Makeup-removing lotions usually contain the most moisturizing ingredients. At the same time has lubricating properties. If you have oily skin though, lotion may not work. Apply it using a cotton pad, gently wiping your face until the cotton pad is clean. Foam and gel cleanses are usually lighter than lotions. Massage them into your skin, then rinse well with water.

If you wash your face with a foam or gel, wet your face and neck first. Then apply the product on the palm of your hand until it starts to lather. Use lukewarm water to wash your skin, as hot water disturbs the skin’s protective layer.

Makeup-removing cosmetics have many conditioning ingredients, but after applying them, you need to use a face toner to restore the skin’s proper pH level. When the skin has the right pH level, it is protected from external factors. Toner eliminates the feeling of tight skin and has refreshing properties.

  • irritated skin requires a hypoallergenic toner that contains, for example, anti-inflammatory and soothing bioflavonoids,
  • oily and combination skin requires a toner that includes powdery ingredients; this way you will be able to get a matte complexion for at least a few hours,
  • toner for dry skin should be free of alcohol, parabens, and synthetic dyes.

How to remove eye makeup?

A regular or dual-phase makeup remover is designed to wash off eye makeup. The latter is great for waterproof makeup as the oils dissolve cosmetics while the watery layer has a soothing effect. Shake the bottle before use to mix the two liquids together.

The skin around the eye area is extremely delicate and thin. Therefore, you need to be gentle with it. Don’t rub your eyelids, instead, press a cotton pad soaked in lotion or micellar water to them. Then it will dissolve all makeup products. Slide the cotton pad gently from the inner corner towards the temples. Repeat the action until the cotton pad is clean.

Wash off mascara in vertical motions. Place a tissue under your lower lashes to avoid the panda eyes effect. Using horizontal motions, remove eyeshadow and eyeliner.