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Some impress, some shock. See what kind of brows will be popular in 2023!

By CN!

What eyebrows are going to be trendy in 2023? Some impress, some shock. One thing is sure – it’s the end of perfectly-drawn eyebrows. In 2023, naturalness combined with a tap of nonchalance will dominate.

No brows – called also ‘bleached brows’, are brows that can’t be seen. It’s a trend that became popular in the fashion world. They add a truly futuristic look so they are rather rarely seen on the streets. However, ‘no brows are everywhere on Instagram – you can see them on Kendall Jenner, Julia Fox, Kim Kardashian and most worldwide known influencers. This look makes eyebrows nearly invisible, they bring out the eyes and sharpen facial features. It’s an interesting option for extravagant photoshoots, fashion shows and events (such as Met Gala where Julia Fox and Kendall Jenner showed up with ‘no brows’). When deciding to go for ‘bleached brows’, you don’t have to literally use bleach. Try to apply a light concealer and a fair eyeshadow.

Undone brows – the trend for ‘undone brows’ is a tribute to naturalness. Don’t think you’re not stylish if you don’t use henna, pluck or style your eyebrows! ‘Undone brows’ is a perfect solution for the fans of ‘no makeup’ makeup who don’t like to spend too much time on their everyday makeup. Simply brush through your brows with gel, and mascara or set the look with a brow soap. You can also do nothing!

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90’s brows – skinny brows inspired by the 90s have made a comeback. They’re a little different from the ones Kate Moss, Gwen Stefani or Drew Barrymore wore. Today’s iconic ’90s brows’ refer to Bella Hadid because of whom the trend became popular worldwide. Modern 90s brows are not two thin black threads. They’re expressive and they bring out natural facial features. They don’t take off years of you. Girls with naturally thin and sparse eyebrows go for them to not overpluck and damage their eyebrows.

Fluffy brows – ‘feathery brows’ are trendy for a few years now. Bushy, messy, thick eyebrow arches are never out of style. They can be characterized by separated hairs combed upwards. With the use of a brow soap or a brow gel, you can create stunning yet bold makeup. ‘Fluffy brows’ make your face look younger, add a youthful glow and create a lifted face effect. You can draw extra hair-like lines with a brow pen, pencil or pomade and a brush and double the number of brow hairs.