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Be like Benjamin Button – How to get younger

By CN!

Every woman wants to look great and young. Years goes by and nobody apart from Benjamin Button figured out how to turn back the clock and how to look younger. Aesthetic medicine has also a few ideas on how to keep the body in shape and even how to look better that ever. Many women feels great and they want their look to match their inner state. Keep reading to find out what you can do to improve your look.

Brown, ageing spots

You can reverse the ageing process by shallowing wrinkles and fine lines. There is also a new way of reducing ageing spots on hands. Most of those skin issues can be successfully treated in the cosmetic salons. The mimic wrinkles become visible in early 30 ties. The first beauty treatment recommended for those who would like to get rid of the ageing spots is IPL.

IPL stands for Intense Pulse Light a treatment you have probably heard of before. For many years, with great success it has been used for 3 things. The first issue is pigmentation on the face, sun damage or ageing spots. The second health condition that can be treated with IPL are visible, small blood vessels. The last cosmetic issue where IPL can help a lot is hair removing.

What’s great about IPL is that it requires no recovery time and the patient is ready to go back to her daily activities the moment she leaves the doctor’s cabinet. Within the series of 3 treatments, all skin discolorations can be effectively treated. The procedure does not last long so it can even be performed during the lunch hour. With this method any skin discolorations disappears for many years.

Loose skin

Hanging or loosing the neck skin is often referred to as Turkey Skin. Sagging skin is a problem, many women has to deal with. There is no need to cover the neck with scarfs. Try face yoga to make your skin tight again.

The skin can go back to its original position if you are going to firm it fast and effectively. There are many special exercises that you can do yourself at the comfort of your house. The simple yoga exercise requires putting index fingers on the side of your windpipe. Then, move your fingers down and up the edge of your windpipe. If it is done quickly and firmly, the underlying tissue of the neck will promote the faster blood flow, which will result in firming the muscles in the neck. Your skin will be tighten and it will look more youthful.


Apart from using the face creams and doing the yoga, you can also try more invasive method of shallowing wrinkles. The thread lift, also called the stitch lift, is a non-surgical treatment that is said to lift the face and neck skin. In the procedure, special threads are implanted under the skin, hooked to the skin, pulled a bit and then anchored into strong tissue in the upper part of the face e.g. forehead or behind ears.

Thanks to the thread lift, face looks fresh and youthful. Wrinkles and fine lines are minimalized and the dropping eyelid can be fixed through stitch lift. The aging signs are delayed and the sagged skin is lifted. The treatment requires adjusting the stitches with a thin needle under the fat layer placed under the skin tissue, which makes it minimally invasive. The innovations in thread procedure is that new threads are absorbable. Stitches after being placed into the skin dissolve naturally after 9-12 months. It is not the only method available. Many people decide to have an invasive plastic surgery done. This method, however is very risky, irreversible and it may cause many side-effects.

Did you know that you could use the red light technology at your home? Many companies can offer their clients, small portable devises that emits the red light. You simply turn it on, touch it the skin in the areas that concerns you the most. What the red light increases the blood circulation in the skin and what more importantly it rises the level of collagen that can fill in your lines. If used systematically, the red light can give the skin more youthful appearance.

More Anti-Ageing Tips

  1. Quit smoking.
    We often do not realize how damaging smoking can be. It not only damages your inner organs but your skin suffers a lot as well. Skin is the bigger organ of your body that have a protective role. It is also responsible for managing heat and detoxifying the body. Nobody has to be be convinced that cigarettes are nasty thing to do to the one you should love the most- yourself. It has been proved that women who smoke have 40% more wrinkles than women who don’t smoke. The common side effect caused by smoking are vertical lines around the lips that are getting deeper and deeper as the time passes.
  2. Change your diet.
    Too much fat and sugar can dry out your skin so much. If this is the kind of diet you are having for years, not even the best face creams can help. Cut down any processed food and stay away from caffeine. Incorporate more live foods so that your skin can be properly nourished from the inside out. You can easily increase the level of collagen and elastin just by eating the right food. Eat a plate of green, leafy vegetables. Eat food rich in omega 3 acids, mainly fish, flaxseed, and olive oil. Add more soy and avocados to your menu. Do not be afraid to eat more fruits. It is better to give up your favourite chocolate bar than stop eating delicious fruits, which come in an ultimate takeaway package.
  3. Drink more water.
    Most doctors say that we are permanently dehydrated. According to the scientist, people mislead thirst with hunger. Whenever we feel that we are hungry, we should drink a glass of pure, filtered water. After 15 min, If the feeling of hunger still persists, then go and eat a meal. You will be surprised that at many times you were just thirsty. The proper water intake is going not only to change the look of your skin but also your mind will sharpen and you will feel more optimistic. It is recommended to drink at least 8 glasses of clean water. Tea and coffee do not count.
  4. Minimalize the Sun exposure.
    Make sure that you always wear a protective cream with high SPF. If you are on holiday, stay in the hotel at noon and sunbathe afternoon when the Sun can do less damage to your skin. Wear a hat and sunglasses. Why do you want to reduces wrinkles which could have been prevented in the first place.
  5. Exercise.
    A short, 20 min work out can do wonders to your skin, mood, and body. The blood will flow faster and your skin will get more oxygen and nutrients. The muscles that hold the skin will get tighter and stronger. You will also see a huge difference in the way you feel. When you exercise a huge amount of serotonin being released to your blood stream, resulting in the uplifting mood. Who knows, you may even loose a few pounds.
  6. Moisturize your skin.
    Almost every women who is over 40ies is using the ant-wrinkle cream. Not many of them realize that the exfoliating skin can make a huge difference to their daily face regime. When the skin is clean and free of any make-up traces, more vitamins, and minerals can be absorbed.

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