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Cavitation – New method of Destroying the Fat Cells

By CN!

You do not need a plastic surgery or liposuction to get rid of cellulite. Now you can have perfectly toned and shaped body with a new, non-invasive Cavitation treatment. The studies have shown that it is one of the most effective way to break down the fat. The ultrasound destroys the fat cells and breaks it apart so that the body can digest it faster.

Once the ultrasound has been used, the certified beautician is going to use radio frequency. In this step, the skin is massaged to make sure that the fat has been moved and pushed into the lymphatic system. Different methods of removing the cellulite focus on detoxifying the fat cells, however, the pocket was still there. Any excess calories, could result in the fat being rebuild within a couple of days.

In Cavitation method, the mucus that holds the fat bubble together is torn apart and the absorbed by the body and extracted. The results are immediate. This method can be used for all parts of the body including stomach, back, tights, and arms. Specialists say that breastfeeding women and mums-to-be are not qualified for the cavitation treatment. Also those who are under the age of 18, or undergoing chemotherapy/ radiation are not recommended to have the cavitation done. It is important to realize that the cavitation treatment cures only the side effect of our bad habits. The cellulite is caused by junk food and by lack of movement. If we go back to our old way of life, the results are not going to be long lasting.

You need to remember to restrict your diet, cut down on all junk food, and incorporate more vegetables and fruits. It is also important to drink plenty of pure water. Eliminate caffeine and spicy food to detoxify your body. Our bodies are dehydrated and the cellulite is the first sign that there is something wrong with our water balance. If you would like to have a nice toned body, you have to exercise. Thirty minutes a day may not be enough and if you would like to maintain the great effects, you ought to exercise for an hour five days a week.

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