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Check up-to-date ways of staying healthy and beautiful!

By CN!

If you want to professionally care for your health enhancing your appearance at the same time, learn and introduce a couple of rules. Day-to-day personal care and better diet aren’t all it takes. You also need to have basic tests done. Check how to change your habits to feel and look better!

Basic check-up

If you’ve noticed any bothering symptoms of a skin condition, you should ask your doctor for a basic check-up. You should actually do it once in a while even if you feel fine or the body doesn’t show any signs of disease. Thanks to tests, you will know if your hormone levels are balanced and if your body has sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals. You will check the level of cortisol i.e. stress hormone which affects the appearance.

Food sensitivity tests

Some foods have a negative effect on the condition of skin. If you spot spots or rash on the face/body after eating something, try to detect the wrongdoer and eliminate it from your diet. Additionally, do food sensitivity tests. It might turn out that imperfections occur after you had milk, sweets, spicy food or alcohol.

Trichologist examination

To professionally care for hair and skin on the head, make an appointment with a trichologist. The doctor examines the condition of your hair and scalp, checks if dandruff is your problem, asks about your daily hair and scalp care and suggests proper products.

Changes in diet

If health and good looks really matter to you, do your best to eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruit, drink 1,5 liter of water per day, choose whole-wheat bread, products rich in fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Also, try to cut down on alcohol, sweets, bad fats, sugar.

Physical activity

It has a big impact on health, appearance of skin and the way we feel. Join a gym, go to the swimming pool, take long walks, ride a bike. There are lots of ways of spending the time actively. You just need the right outfit and a bottle of water. You can exercise at home as well. You don’t need professional equipment. Two dumbbells or bottles of water will do.

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