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Foam Strips Instead Of Aluminium Foil For Hair Colouring! Hairdressing Revolution With Color Cuts Highlighting Foam Strips!

By CN!

highlighting foam strips

Foam Strips Instead Of Aluminium Foil For Hair Colouring! Hairdressing Revolution With Color Cuts Highlighting Foam Strips!
A good hairdressing salon should have a qualified team, modern equipment and professional cosmetics. In the age of ever-changing trends, hairdressers need to constantly upgrade their knowledge and improve their skills to keep up with what’s fashionable and desired by customers. Nowadays, more and more customers value good quality above price and choose the best specialists. Do you want your salon to be a crowd-pleaser? Upgrade your colouring with Highlighting Foam Strips by Color Cuts!

Color Cuts is a Maltese hairdressing accessories brand, committed to sustainable production and minimal environmental impact. The materials used to make the Highlighting Foam Strips (mainly polystyrene) are 80% recycled and solar energy is used in their production. You get a product that is not only practical and effective, but also harmless to nature. The foam strips can be reused and washed in the washing machine up to 3 times. The used strips are recyclable and decompose faster than the popular aluminium foil.

No more aluminium foil! Replace it with Color Cuts colouring strips.

Aluminium foil is essential in hair salons, but is it really good for the hair? Stylists use it for a few simple reasons: it’s cheap, it’s available and it speeds up the colouring time. But it doesn’t mean it’s safe for the hair. Tightly rolled hair “suffocate” inside the foil strips. The chemicals released by the heat of the hair dyes and lighteners react with the aluminium foil, burning the hair. The foil method should be a history!

For safe and comfortable colouring, choose Color Cuts foam strips! They are soft, flexible, eco-friendly and… multicoloured. These thermal polystyrene hair dye strips are a revolution in hairdressing world. Impress your customers not only with professional hairstyling, but also with environmental care.

highlighting foam strips

Color Cuts Highlighting Foam Strips – what makes them special?

  • More control over the colouring process.
  • Reusable.
  • Recyclable.
  • Effectively isolate different hair sections.
  • Don’t slip off the hair.
  • Lightweight, flexible, no creasing or rustling.
  • Insulate the heat.
  • Faster colouring time.
  • Comfort for clients and no irritation.
  • Minimal risk of hair overheating.
  • Strong grip in contact with moisture.
  • Suitable for all colouring techniques.
  • Eco-friendly alternative to aluminium foil.
  • 10×30.5 cm strips can be cut to size as desired.

Directions for use

  1. Place the thermal strip under a small section of hair right at the roots.
  2. Coat it evenly with a colouring product – the damp strip becomes sticky.
  3. Fold the self-adhesive strip in half. For very long hair, cover the section with a second strip.
  4. Leave the strip in place for a suitable time – the semi-transparent material ensures control of the colour change.
  5. Gently pull the strips off – wash/clean and reuse.

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