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Seduce with your New Eyelashes with Nanolash eyelash conditioner

By CN!

Have you ever dreamed of thick and long lashes? If the answer is yes, you can stop doing it now, as thanks to the Nanolash Serum, the dream becomes reality. The US producer has created a breakthrough formula that stimulates the lash growth in a safe and healthy way.

The product, well known in the North America, is now being launched in Europe. Nanolash has been invented to help all women who struggle with short and sparse lashes and for those, who are looking for a healthy alternative to damaging eyelash extensions or falsies.

Nanolash – Eyelash Serum


The formula, rich in biotin Tripeptyde-1 and pantheon makes the serum highly effective. The sensitive eye skin is also being took care of thanks to the bitter orange flower essential oils. This ingredient, among others, penetrate into deeper skin layers and eyelashes roots providing optimal nourishment and hydration. What’s more, Nanolash makes lashes appear darker and coats them with the protective layer resulting in lesser lashes falling out or being being broken.

The first results are noticeable just after 15 days of nightly use. The best results however, will be achieved within 1-2 months using the Serum. Eyelashes re-growing and re-building do not happen overnight so patience and consistency is essential to complete the treatment successfully. After 3 months, it is recommended to apply the Enhancer two to three times a week to maintain long lashes effect.

Using the Serum is completely safe. It has been ophthalmologist-tested and clinically approved by independent laboratories. There are no side effects registered so even if you have sensitive skin you can still apply Nanolash without it causing redness or itchiness. Additionally, the conditioner is safe for anybody wearing contact lenses, eyelashes extensions, or permanent make-up.

The effectiveness of Nanolash was confirmed by dozens of studies and testers’ opinions from all over the world. You can be one of many women who are proud of their lust lashes. £39 is such a silly price for the product that will help you fall in love with your amazing lashes.

14 Comments “Seduce with your New Eyelashes with Nanolash eyelash conditioner”

  1. ClaudiaBradshaw

    I was using RapidLash but it did not work. Anybody tried Nanolash? Is it worth giving it a go?

  2. RashiJ.

    I have just passed 2 months with the Nanolash Enhancer and I am blown away how long my lashes are. Much thicker and I would say that they appear slightly darker. Highly recommend it!

  3. Onyx

    How much does it cost?

    • Maria-Luisa

      Around£40, Revitalash costs £90 and I checked they both have the same ingredients

  4. T.Barksdale

    I cant see it on ebay, can you get it in Superdrug or Boots?

  5. MonicaandAlex

    I ordered mine online. I couldn’t find it in any of those shops. Waiting for delivery…

  6. BestNazuma

    I need sth for my thin lashes! My extensions pulled out half of what I had had.

  7. #coco

    How come you have short lashes, if you are indian orgin (I think ) you must have long and thick

  8. Carol.maes

    Use the mascara, done

  9. Melissa

    For the past year I was a using Lilash and RapidLash but I was not entirely happy with the way they worked. Then I swapped them for Nanolash and I can see a major difference. They are very long just as if I was using this Latisse but they curl and that make me happy. Overall stronger, thicker, and fuller looking. Now I use it once maybe twice a week.

  10. Erika1979

    I asked in Sephora and the lady told me that I can get it only online and that they do not stock it in the UK yet. I asked if it’s good so she told me that it is the same as Revitalash but just cheaper. I will check other reviews and then decide

  11. Lirize

    I am a big sucker for long lashes, just ordered this enhancer

  12. Laura

    For those who use this serum, can it be used if you wear contact lenses? If I were to have long lashes I would rather not cover them with my glasses.

  13. Jenny

    Yes, you can use it, it is gentle


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