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Smashbox Lash revival Treatment & Conditioner

By CN!

What would you sacrifice to have longer and thicker lashes? I have sacrificed my own ones, without realizing it. I always dreamed of lust and incredibly long lashes. Some girls are lucky enough to have great lashes; I was not one of them. Since everybody around me was wearing eyelash extensions, I thought that it is the thing for me. My friends were saying that it would save me time and hustle. I believed and I had my extensions done exactly a year ago.

I have to admit, they looked amazing. Over time, my excitement was turning into despair. Months passed and I observed how my natural lashes shed. It got to the point when my lash technician has offered 1:3 method with the use of light, mink lashes. To get fuller effect. I then realized that the condition of my natural lashes was very bad. I was wearing mink lashes for 3 weeks and then I have decided to stop going for infill sessions. Words cannot do the justice when I say that my lashes looked bad. I rushed to the drugstore to get any eyelash serum and that was how I got Smashbox Lash revival Treatment & Conditioner. I was using it every day as a mascara base.

I have expected some great results and more importantly, my lashes to grow back quickly. Maybe I was impatient but to me, Smashbox Lash revival Treatment & Conditioner was not working at all. Now I know that brushing through lashes with any kind of serum is not going to improve our lashes.

It is important to nourish lash roots first so that they can produce stronger lashes. Not seeing any effects, I did some search and I found Nanolash. Contrary to Smashbox Lash revival Treatment & Conditioner, Nanolash hits the lash follicles and provides them with all vitamins and minerals. Nanolash has a small, pointy brush that distributes the serum right on the upper lash line.

It has been only two weeks I have Nanolash but I can see that my lashes are growing back much quicker and that I have some baby lashes in the sparse areas. Smashbox Lash revival Treatment & Conditioner wouldn’t do anything in terms of the density of my lashes and I am glad that I swapped it with a better serum.

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