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Thermal water – How to use it and what’s in it?

By CN!

In spite of the name of this cosmetic sounding inconspicuous, it holds incredible properties and wide possibilities of use. Thermal water is used mostly for the at-home skincare. What does it contain and how to use it correctly?

What is thermal water?

Thermal water is extracted from the deep underground spring where it gets saturated with an immense number of elements. Due to heat, certain reactions take place and as a result, new valuable substances are crated. Thermal water helps with acne, psoriasis, and AD.

What does thermal water contain?

Thermal water is clear when it comes to the microbiological aspect. It contains many minerals and elements with a beneficial impact on the skin. It is hypoallergenic and the substances it contains get to the deeper skin layers. For the skin, the best is thermal water with lots of ingredients in small amounts. The composition of thermal water depends on the area where it is extracted.

How to use thermal water?

Thermal water can be used as an individual cosmetic or as an addition to powdered face masks. Look for it also in the products you use daily. The most popular use of thermal water is to spray it on to the skin. If that is the form of application you decide to try, remember to not leave droplets of it on the skin cause it may lead to irritation. That is why right after the thermal water application you should dry it with a tissue or just tap the cosmetic into the skin.

You can use thermal water all year long: in the summer to freshen up and in the winter to moisturize (especially if you spend a lot of time in aircon rooms). In the morning and evening, you can use this cosmetic instead of a toner. If used during the day, it will refresh skin, moisturize and set the make-up. Thermal water can be used post-shave to calm irritated skin. It is great after sunbathe or tanning salon. In professional beauty salons, thermal water is used after treatments with acids.

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