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Unisex – Hairstyles for Men & Women

By CN!

long hair _0007_1417-GQ-FEGR03-01Hairstyles, clothes, products. It’s hard to tell which ones are intended for men and which ones for women. Dividing beauty products into male and female ones isn’t easy. Check which hairdos boys ‘borrowed’ from girls and what the effect is.

Long and straight

Men who wear such hairdos don’t pay much attention to their looks. Their hair is usually messy, greasy or very dry. Don’t they know what a shampoo and a comb are made for? What’s the point of having a hairstyle that you don’t know how to care for. Let alone those who have long hair but don’t use any products or styling tools. Luckily, girls know how to take care of long and thick hair.

Waves and… curls

Do boys really wear such hairdos? It turns out they do and those aren’t just surfers. More and more men use a curling wand, a diffuser dryer or other gadgets. Their shelves are filled with hair sprays, mousses, gels and gums. After all, they need some fixers for longer-lasting effects.

Bun at the top of the head

Many men go for such a hairstyle. Obviously, it’s an easy fix when they have long hair and don’t know how to style it. Luckily, they don’t decorate their hairdos with colorful pins. They like to use regular elastics. To be honest, they’re often better skilled than girls. Don’t they have better things to do?

Bleached, color-treated hair

Men like to change their hair color, too. It seems they don’t know that the ammonia – included in dyes – damages their hair. Too bad… Why do they color their hair gray? They’ll go gray anyway… it’s a good thing they don’t go for pixel hairstyles.

Conclusion? Don’t borrow our hairstyles, boys! 

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