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We Whiten Teeth at Home: Best Remedies and Toothpastes

By CN!

How to whiten teeth at home? You can do that if you show enough patience and use home treatments regularly. Whitening at the dentist’s is great yet pricey. Thankfully, we can get similar results by using home remedies! Learn how to whiten teeth naturally and what to use.

Why are teeth yellow?

If you think that a good toothpaste and brush are going to save you from unpleasant surprises, you’re wrong. Despite daily brushing and oral hygiene, there are lots of factors causing yellow shade and stains on teeth. Before you learn what to whiten the teeth with, see what gives them stains.

1. Isotonic drinks stain the teeth fast because they erode them. Acids have a bad effect on the tooth enamel.

2. Tobacco causes teeth to go yellow. Smoking cigarettes has health hazards and it surely doesn’t add up to our attractiveness. Smokers have yellow teeth and are more likely to suffer from tooth diseases including periodontitis. To make things worse, the plaque builds up faster if you’re a smoker.

3. Wine causes damage to the enamel. Do you like red wine? That’s ok but be aware that having it regularly may hugely damage the enamel of your teeth. Even white wine turns out to affect the tooth color and structure. Is there a fix to that? Take a sip of water after having wine.

4. Tea and coffee leave stains. It’s a classic duo giving you yellowish teeth. Believe it or not, even green tea changes the color of teeth and leaves stains.

5. You choose the wrong time for brushing and cause damage to the enamel. Shockingly, brushing can have a bad effect with bad timing. If you’ve just had citruses, wine (rich in acids) or coffee (deprives enamel of calcium), rinse the mouth with water to neutralize the effect of negative substances. Brush the teeth after half an hour.

6. Harsh whitening treatments make teeth hypersensitive. Don’t go too far because invasive whitening has awful consequences.

How to make teeth whiter at home: whitening toothpaste

Home whitening starts with getting the right toothpaste which is the easiest, budget-friendly and most popular method. Seeking the best whitening toothpaste? Choose a product with whitening ingredients and make sure it’s low-abrasive – this lets you brighten the enamel without rubbing it off harshly. You can also try a whitening mouthwash.

How to make teeth whiter at home: whitening strips

Another popular product that lets you get rid of stains. The strips are transparent and soaked in a whitening gel. You often need to apply the gel first and then put the trays on and leave them as long as it’s indicated on the packaging (it’s usually 30 minutes). You will see the effects after just a few days.

How to make teeth whiter at home: banana, turmeric, strawberries

Banana teeth whitening?! Why not! Rub a banana peel against the inner teeth – it’s rich in potassium, calcium and vitamins, including vitamin D. A homemade strawberry toothpaste is another popular remedy but the effects are not spectacular, plus you may end up with gum irritations. It’s made up of strawberries and baking soda. Unfortunately, strawberries are a source of sugar so you’re more prone to plaque. Also, baking soda is abrasive and causes damage to teeth. Turmeric – yellow Ayurvedic spice – is another ingredient you can make use of. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties. You can perform natural whitening treatment with turmeric twice a week by simply adding it to your toothpaste.

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