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Which cosmetics are safe for the eyes? Make-up and make-up removal for sensitive eyes

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The skin around the eyes is particularly sensitive that is why the skincare, make-up, and make-up removal requires you to be very careful. The true challenge is when it comes to make-up and make-up removal of sensitive eyes. Why? Because mascara, eyeshadows, and other cosmetics for eyes contain a lot of artificial pigments able to cause irritation. Allergy can be triggered even by the natural substances contained in the cosmetics! So, how should you perform make-up and make-up removal of sensitive eyes?

Make-up for sensitive eyes

Cosmetics safe for the eyes

If the use of a new mascara causes you discomfort, you should give up on it because eyes won’t just get used to it and the discomfort may only get worse. If the situation repeats with other cosmetics, you should consider the use of hypoallergenic mascara, which is recommended for sensitive eyes and for women who wear contact lenses. What is more, it is better to go for make-up that avoids the eyeball. In reality, it means that you should avoid drawing the lines on the waterline or use of too much mascara and pencil in the corners of the eyes. This way you will prevent irritations and allergic reactions.

Hypoallergenic cosmetics for eyes

Hypoallergenic cosmetics are available in various colors but it is best to avoid deep shades of pink, red, and purple which are created due to mix of few pigments because it raises the risk of an allergic reaction. The most problematic is a green color that is why it is used less and less for the production of cosmetics for eyes. The pigments used in hypoallergenic cosmetics are thoroughly purified or screened to minimize irritation risk. For the same reason the number of ingredients in hypoallergenic cosmetics is limited to the absolute minimum. However, the cosmetics of this type are made to contain irritation calming ingredients such as thermal water or panthenol. Unfortunately, preservatives cannot be avoided because those protect cosmetics against bacteria, fungus, and mold.

Make-up for sensitive eyes

Matte eyeshadows

The particles in hypoallergenic eyeshadows and mascara must be really really small so that they can better stick to the eyelid or eyelashes, do not fall down to the eyes, or gather in the crease. What is more, large particles with unregular shapes may be the cause for mechanical microtrauma so it is better to avoid cosmetics containing pearl. The pearl is most commonly used in shimmering eyeshadows. Such eyeshadows usually have pearl dust that is able to damage the skin and if it gets to the eye, it can also damage the conjunctiva.

Mascara for allergy-prone eyes

People with allergy-prone eyes can use thickening and curling mascara if those do not flake and if they have possibly pH close to natural tears pH. Waterproof mascara is out of the question because it contains too strong fixing substances. When it comes to allergy, a great alternative for mascara can be henna, but you should ask a beautician to run a skin patch test. If its result won’t be good, you should give up the treatment.

Make-up accessories for sensitive eyes

You shouldn’t use the applicator attached to eyeshadows because its rough and can irritate the skin around the eyes. Then what should you replace it with? Some companies that manufacture hypoallergenic cosmetics have also accessories in the offer made with soft and delicate materials. What’s more, eyeshadow can be applied with a soft brush, beauty blender, or moist cotton bud.

Make-up removal for sensitive eyes

When it comes to sensitive eyes it is best to remove make-up with fragrance-free and oil-free cosmetics with pH equal to tears pH with the content of thermal water. You should also remember to make the fewer moves possible to avoid additional irritation to the eyes.

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