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Common hair care mistakes. Stop making them!

By CN!

Taking care of hair isn’t troublesome. All you have to do is wash it, apply a conditioner and comb. Sadly, it’s easy to make a mistake though. Find out whether you repeat some of the common hair care mistakes.

Sometimes we think that we know everything in terms of hair care. We buy the finest cosmetics, use modern hair styling tools and frequently expose the hair to innovative treatments. Is it enough, though?

Unfortunately, even the most expensive hair care products won’t help if we keep repeating the same mistakes in hair care over and over again. The truth is, in most cases we aren’t even aware that we keep making some of them because nobody has warned us against doing the very harmful things.

Learn hair care mistakes that should be avoided if you want to enjoy healthy and beautiful hair.


You do your best to match a shampoo to your hair type, yet you don’t follow the same rule when choosing other hair care products. Many women tend to do so, even though ill-matching cosmetics might contribute to worsening strands condition. So what do we do wrong?

Let’s begin with the shampoo. It must be realized that shampoo should be matched to scalp, not hair. After all, this is a product that is supposed to clean scalp and deal with some skin problems such as dandruff. For that reason, choosing a shampoo to answer hair needs isn’t the best idea. Therefore, let’s state this once and for all, a shampoo must answer scalp needs, whereas hair should be treated with appropriate conditioners and masks.

When it comes to other cosmetics, it must be realized that the remaining hair care products should match hair type, which is defined by a porosity level for example. Each hair is different therefore there is no such thing like an universal solution here. Both conditioner or mask should be chosen by paying attention to hair condition – damaged hair requires proteins, whereas dehydrated hair needs humectants and emollients. Even natural oils should go hand in hand with the hair structure.

The ill-matching hair care products also include dyeing the strands using products containing ammonia; coloring hair at home isn’t a good idea either. Too frequent hair dyeing does damage to the strands, especially if the procedure is carried out using improper products. Therefore, if you feel like changing the hair colour, visit a hairdresser and asks for natural hair dyes.


Is it even possible to make a mistake already at the hair washing stage? Indeed, it is! And it’s not only about choosing a wrong shampoo, but also other activities that we do while washing the hair.

The first mistake is either too low or too high water temperature that we wash the hair in. Hair should be washed in water which temperature is similar to our body’s. If too high, the water will open hair cuticles and worsen hair condition while, on the other hand, too cool water won’t remove all impurities.

The second important issue is washing hair without detangling it first. Laziness, lack of time or no brush kept handy – it doesn’t matter. What matters though is the fact that tangled hair becomes more damage-prone after being dampen with water.

Basically, in most cases we also wash hair in the wrong way. Another factor that contributes to worsening hair condition is improper method of hair washing. We tend to forget about a few crucial rules: that shampoo shouldn’t be poured directly onto scalp, that is should be thinned with water first, that only scalp should be washed with shampoo because hair will be cleansed once the lather runs down, etc.


Plenty of mistakes can be also made once we done with hair washing, so in the moment when the time for blow-drying and styling comes.

Let’s begin with mentioning the obvious – hair should be allowed to air dry. If the strands aren’t given this opportunity, we make a mistake. Accelerated hair drying always works for its disadvantage.

Still, there’s always a way to blow-dry hair better and worse. The most serious mistake though is using a hair dryer that doesn’t allow you to set air steam’s temperature. Nowadays, you can buy a hair styling tool that helps you adjust temperature to hair condition. Also, such a device frequently comes with other functions such as ionizer. Turning to such hair styling tools is far safer and affects hair less negatively.

Damage can be done by blow-drying hair in a wrong way too. Even the most advanced styling tool might harm the hair if we keep holding it too close to the hair, or when using the strongest air stream. The best technique of blow-drying is using a round brush and holding the dryer in approx. 20 cm (8 in) distance from head.

If you let the hair get air dry, detangle it using a wide-tooth wooden comb. Another mistake to mention is sleeping with wet hair that isn’t arranged in either a loose bun or plait. Only then is the hair prevented from damage.

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