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Does wearing make-up ruin your skin? Skincare vs make-up

By CN!

Do you know that improperly done make-up and unsuitable cosmetics can damage the condition of your skin? However, if you follow a few rules, your make-up will be natural and your skin healthy.

Make-up harms the skin when:

…it is carelessly removed

Make-up removal is a very important element of care. During the night the skin regenerates, so it needs to be clean and moisturised. Remains of cosmetics, sebum and dirt can cause acne, skin irritations and allergic reactions. To avoid such unpleasant surprises, you should thoroughly cleanse your face every day. For make-up removal use products that suit your skin type. There is a vast array of choice in drugstores so that you can choose appropriate cosmetics for your skin.

…you use thick, drying the skin cosmetics

Do you know that full-coverage foundations, thick concealers and  applying a thick layer of powder clog skin pores, dry out the skin and cause acne? However, with appropriate care you can prevent it. If you need to reach for a full-coverage foundation, make sure you moisturise your skin properly before doing make-up.

Make-up does not harm the skin…

… provided that it’s done properly with the use of cosmetics of a good quality. The cosmetic products that are available in drugstores also care for the skin. The best solution is a simple make-up with the use of natural cosmetics. Even if done every day, such make-up is not harmful to your skin.

Should young women wear make-up?

The younger the skin, the less make-up it needs. The skin of a young woman is usually smooth and healthy, however some may experience problems with acne. In such situations, pimples and discolourations can be covered with concealer of a shade matching the skin colour. It’s best if the product has also an antibacterial effect. Still, it’s important that you apply a thin layer and choose high-quality cosmetics.

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