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RANKING: Hair Masks for Damaged Hair — Check Out Recommended Products, Buy Trusted Items!

By CN!

Damaged hair requires intensified care. Just a shampoo or conditioner isn’t enough to deliver optimal care. Getting stronger treatments for boosted hair regeneration is important. A hair mask is made for this purpose. Today we round up the best-selling and expert-approved items that consumers try and trust.

Causes of Hair Damage

  • Lack of hydration and nourishment, improper daily hair care.
  • Heat from the dryer or flat-iron.
  • Tugging the hair while brushing.
  • Harsh towel-drying.
  • Hair-damaging styling products.
  • Sleeping with damp/loose hair.
  • Wearing tight updos.
  • No sun and UV protection.
  • Unhealthy diet, deficiency of vitamins and minerals.

How to care for damaged hair?

You don’t need to get your hair totally cut off! It can be fixed. Get only the tips trimmed at the hairdresser’s and then add the right products to your routine: a strongly-working repairing mask should be one of them. It must include some powerful ingredient like keratin, which is a protein that builds the hair. That’s why it’s able to repair damage on the hair shaft. Obviously, you should also think of eliminating all that’s bad for your strands so cut down on heat styling, comb your hair more gently, and remember that home remedies for damaged hair are extremely effective if you use them regularly and show patience. Your hair will look much better after a few weeks.

Hair Masks for Damaged Hair – Reviews of Best Repair Treatments


This keratin hair treatment is definitely worth testing. It’s one of the most effective products, brining amazing results in a record time. The keratin mask by Nanoil repairs and strengthens to make hair more resilient, damage-proof but also better-looking. It improves the hair instantly – it visibly enhances its looks, smoothens, adds shine, tames and makes it very nice to the touch. It’s great even for really demanding, dull, damaged hair which breaks or splits. Nanoil is suitable for all types of hair because next to the intensely nourishing effect, it boasts a light consistency which won’t weigh hair down. Choose it if your hair is unmanageable, weak or you blow-dry or color it on a regular basis. You’ll watch it getting healthier, smoother and shinier from the very first use.

Panthenol is another crucial ingredient in the Nanoil’s mask. It’s essential because it enhances the most damaged strands, moisturizes, thickens and strengthens the hair shaft. Panthenol is the very component that guarantees amazing hair shine and smoothness, and shields hair ends from damage. The mask is available at many online beauty stores and at the official brand’s store. Go to and get your own Nanoil mask with a home delivery.


It’s a well-known, highly-noted, prestige brand which is often used by hairdressers. Too bad it has a big flaw, namely, the price. Kevin Murphy’s mask is both pricey and luxurious. Does the high price translate to high quality and great effects? You should see that for yourself. We know that the most expensive products don’t always deserve the top ratings. This mask works well, deeplyhydrating, controlling frizz and adding lovely shine. It makes hair more manageable, easy to comb and lovely-smelling. It comes with a convenient pump applicator. It’s free of parabens and full of cold-pressed oils – watch out because it may weigh fine hair down. If yours is thin, apply the mask sparingly and don’t use it often.


The Lanza Keratin Healing Oil Intensive Hair Masque isn’t budget either, but we must admit it works great – it’s a perfect protein-and-emollient mask so if your hair’s extremely dry and damaged and cries for nutrient-rich oils, then you should try this product. The mask also contains lots of keratin proteins which are effective too. It’s a perfect treatment for damaged hair in an awful state – dull, brittle and dry strands. The Lanza Keratin Healing Oil Intensive Hair Masque will work in the deepest layers of hair. Regularly applied, it will gradually revitalize lifeless strands. It’s effective if you want to strengthen your hair or make it more shiny. Oils additionally protect from further damage.


A perfect mask for hair which is in bad condition, extremely dry, damaged, brittle and lifeless. The price is high but still lower than the two previous items. The effect? It’s okay. The mask is quite thick but lasts long. It improves the hair from the first application (it’s best to use it twice a week to speed up repair). The Kerastase Resistance Masque strengthens weak and brittle hair. It keeps it nourished, gradually reinforces it, repairs the hair structure, leaving the hair stronger and smoother. The product has a good conditioning effect on fine, delicate strands, protecting them from the destructive effects of external conditions. This blend of keratin and ceramides aims to maximally strengthen damaged hair.