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The Grand Mascara Test. Check Out Which Mascaras Should Get Into Your Makeup Bag!

By CN!

Mascara should not only be long-wear but also effective. Many women experience problems when applying their eye makeup, mainly due to improperly selected products. It ends up in lashes getting stuck together and unsightly clumps. This, in turn, can spoil the whole effect, even if the eyelashes look ultimately longer. Given this, it’s time to do a big test of mascaras and reveal the winning product. 

Best mascaras according to women

Mascara – is it for every woman?

Women often opt for a variety of treatments when it comes to styling their eyelashes. The most popular is, of course, semi-permanent lash extensions. This is because few women can boast a natural fan of thick and long eyelashes.

Most usually, it is the other way around. The lashes are rather weak, thin, and not very defined. Choosing the wrong mascara only reinforces the belief that, unfortunately, nothing can help in this regard.

This belief is wrong as mascara is a product designed for every woman. As long as it is properly selected, it can transform the eyelashes and make them look defined and highlighted.

Best mascaras according to women!

The ranking of the best mascaras was created mainly based on the opinions of women posted online. The ladies unanimously chose the best product, which, according to them, has the best features, and also singled out several other mascaras that, despite minor flaws, continue to stand out from the rest.

the best mascara nanolash

1. Nanolash Mascara

The Nanolash mascara, according to the feedback from many women, is one of the best eye makeup products. It is a premium quality product that has proven to be reliable in most cases.

The Nanolash mascara comes in two versions:

Both products feature a 10-milliliter size and come with perfectly shaped brushes. They are both made of high-quality silicone. It allows you to coat the lashes with pigment without clumps and separate them precisely.

The Nanolash mascara is also a very long-wearing product. Women who decided to use it do not have to worry about it starting to crumble or smudge throughout the day. What’s more, this mascara also shows a high resistance to adverse external factors.

2. Lashcode Mascara

Another product recommended by women is the Lashcode Mascara with both lengthening and thickening properties. The users appreciated this product mainly because of its effective performance.

Lashcode Mascara is equipped with a very good brush. It is properly shaped and helps to reach even the shortest lashes. It separates them precisely which enhances the effect of longer and thicker lashes. Lashcode Mascara is also a product of exceptional durability. The women who have already tested this mascara, unanimously point out that it does not crumble or flake and does not create a “panda eyes effect” after a full day of wear.

3. L’Oreal Panoramic Curl Mascara

L’Oreal Panoramic Curl Mascara is also one of those mascaras appreciated by women. The users noted this product allows you to get an instant curling effect without leaving problematic clumps on the lashes.

The brush that comes with this curling mascara is quite well-shaped. It should not cause any major problems when applying the product. At the same time, many users stress that they are not entirely satisfied with the durability of the mascara. According to their reviews, the product tends to flake slightly at the end of the day. This mascara is not waterproof, so when exposed to moisture, it can start to smudge.

4. Clarins Be Long Mascara

The next place in our ranking goes to the Clarins Be Long Mascara. As the name suggests, this is a mascara that should make the lashes look longer. At the same time, you should know that the users state they need to apply two coats of mascara to get the desired effect. However, the mascara dries quite quickly so there should not be a big problem with this.

The minor drawbacks in this case are both the brush and the durability of the mascara itself. The brush has rather irregularly spaced bristles and it seems as if there are virtually no bristles at the tip. This can clump the lashes together a bit during the application. As for the durability of the Clarins Be Long Mascara, it is also questionable. The users indicated the product tends to become flaky and crumbly during the day.

The ranking above is just a guideline for all the women looking for the perfect mascara. The Nanolash mascara seems to be one of the favorites among most women. It is certainly noteworthy!