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Argan oil – what is the best way to use it in hair care?

By CN!

The cosmetic properties of Argan oil are well-known to most women worldwide, therefore, its presence in many hair care cosmetics is not a surprise. Did you know that there are numerous methods of applying Argan oil to the hair? Learn more about it, how it works and how to use it. 

The history of Argan oil has its origins in Morocco – the natural habitat of Argania spinosa trees. Their nuts are used to extract the oil. Why is it called the liquid gold of Morocco? First of all, it is an irreplaceable source of many valuable nutrients. Cold-pressed Argan oil includes:

– vitamin E (that protects the hair from within as well as from the outside)

– antioxidants (that fight free radicals)

– omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids (that reinforce the hydro-lipid barrier)

So…how does Argan oil influence the hair? Daily use of Argan oil – the wealth of vitamins and essential fatty acids – makes the hair stronger and more nourished. Regular hair oiling treatment is the best solution for weak, damaged hair, especially often styled and chemically treated. Argan oil properly used will:

– improve hydration of the hair and scalp

– provide thermal protection when stying

– strengthen the hair, increase its density and thickness

– increase natural shine and softness

However, the effects depend on the way of application. How to use Argan oil? Is best to match natural oils to the needs of the hair. Only then, the hair will fully absorb then and the oils will not overburden the strands. Moreover, it is always best to perform the Argan oil treatment at least once a week. The diversity of use ranges from applying it as a hair mask before shampooing, as a conditioner after washing or as a leave-in serum to protect the ends. It is worth mentioning that Argan oil works best when combined with other oils in a well-composed product.