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Oiling hair vs. hair mask. Which one will win the battle?

By CN!

Many people still have very sceptical approach towards oiling hair. Natural oils are not very eye-catching, sometimes, they smell weird and….are greasy. Will these natural products replace drugstore hair conditioners?

We would like to introduce the most important differences between hair masks and natural oils.

Hair mask is a typical drugstore product, promoted by particular cosmetic companies. It is not derived from natural resources, but developed in laboratories. This is the main reason why masks are disqualified in comparison to natural oils. Keep in mind that a hair mask will never be a fully natural product. Such cosmetics are often loaded with preservatives and fragrances, which do not provide any positive influence on hair.

Hair masks are to be applied differently than oils. They must be used with caution, to avoid applying them on scalp. Why? Some of them can have comedogenic properties and clog pores. This leads to disruption of natural processes on the scalp and consequently, weakening hair condition. Therefore, masks work only on the surface – nourish hair for only a short period of time. Such product has no chance to penetrate to the hair follicles or in the deeper layers on the stem. Its effects can be spectacular, but unfortunately, it will not provide permanent results.

Natural oils work primarily on the scalp, penetrating cells and regulating processes taking place inside. Thanks to this, your scalp functions properly and allows the growth of healthy, strong hair. Oil also penetrates deeply into the hair follicles, strengthening them and preventing hair loss. The hair is strengthened from the roots to the ends.

Many people also make the common mistake thinking that a mask will not weigh hair down or not make it more greasy. Improperly chosen or inappropriately applied mask can do us more harm than good. It will deregulate processes on the surface of the scalp, cause significant dryness which leads to increased production of sebum. Natural oils have a unique ability to regulate and improve the processes both on the skin surface and in its interior. Therefore, they moisturise dry skin and block excessive sebum secretion (in the case of oily skin). What is more, hair oil is a substance completely natural and safe. It is also very versatile: you can successfully use it not only in hair care, but also for the entire body and face.

To sum up, oils definitely win this competition. It has been proven that they are a comprehensive and safe hair care.

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