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Watch out for those daily habits – those can damage your hair

By CN!

We sometimes do not realize that our daily habits can damage our hair and weaken its structure. Do you know what we are talking about? Check out below if incautiously you do not damage your hair!

What does damage your hair?

Too tight hairstyle

Do you often wear a ponytail? Obviously, we know that then you have a perfect hairstyle that is convenient and hair is tamed. However, remember that when you wear tight hairstyle hair is extremely pulled and its structure is being weakened and there are micro damages being caused to the hair surface. What is more, when you tightly tie the hair, you pull the hair bulbs and they become weaker.

Hair wash with the wrong shampoo

The shampoo is a cosmetic that we treat lightly. We wash the hair and don’t really think about how it works. We mostly check how it washes, whether it foams, and how it smells. In the meantime, well-chosen shampoo is the first step in hair care. It can not only remove residues of cosmetics, dust, and toxins but also balance the sebum and calm the scalp.

Washing hair with too hot water

It is believed that warmer water will be able to wash hair better. Nothing more wrong than this! Too hot water opens the hair cuticles and hair becomes more prone to damage. Heat does not aid hair bulbs as those become weak and constrict and hair is easier to fall out. Warm water washes out the lipid barrier – hair becomes dehydrated, parched, and brittle.

Application of conditioner on to the scalp

It is the number one mistake as far as hair care goes because conditioner is not recommended for the scalp. It often contains silicones (as far as it works for hair, for the scalp it can clog pores), what is more, its composition and texture may cause the hair to look flat, devoid of volume, heavy, and become greasy faster.

Air dryer, straightener, and heat

If you use a hairdryer on a regular basis, remember that high temperature does not work well for the hair condition. Hair Dryer damaged hair because it removes water from the inside of the hair. The higher the temperature the faster the hair loses its condition. You can see it especially at the hair ends because this part is with us the longest – it’s the oldest part of the hair so is the most subjected to the damage.

It’s even worse when you use a straightener. It irretrievably tears the sulphine binds in the hair. Due to it, hair becomes brittle, stiff, and difficult to tame, smooth out or moisturize so it can break when you try to comb it.

Rubbing and mechanical damages

If after the bath you rub the hair with a towel, you should know that it weakens the hair structure. When you are too rough when brushing the stands, you also strain them. The micro damages contribute to progressing hair damage.

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