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Skin exfoliator. Is everything they say true?

By CN!

Exfoliation is one of the basic steps in skincare. If not for it, the action of creams, masks or toners wouldn’t be possible. However, is all the information you hear about exfoliation true? Learn facts and myths about exfoliators below.

Exfoliator for wrinkles and hyperpigmentation

It is true that exfoliator is able to flatten minor wrinkles, lighten hyperpigmentation and rejuvenate skin. In the process, you will remove all contamination, you will stimulate skin cells to regenerate, smoother the face and body surface and make wrinkles less visible. The epidermis exfoliation makes skin prepared for the following care.

Cleanse and exfoliation are two different things

You can’t replace exfoliation with cleansing and the other way round. The first step is cleansing, that is make-up removal, getting rid of sebum, perspiration, dirt and other contamination that settled on the skin during the day. Only then you should move to exfoliation. Its task is to remove all that was left after the first step. Thanks to exfoliation you can get rid of all that clogged the pores while removing dead skin cells.

The correct exfoliation frequency

Human skin is shedding every 28 days – that is how long it takes for the epidermis renewal. Cells are multiplying in the deeper layers of the skin and are moving upwards, pushing the old cells to the outside. The process may be disturbed by many factors (hormonal changes, skin diseases, damages caused by the sun). Exfoliator is able to improve the whole cycle and support your skincare.

Exfoliator and the skin type

Exfoliator must match the skin type. Otherwise, it will not provide expected results and in extreme cases even lead to skin irritation. You can choose out of mechanical, chemical, enzymatic exfoliators. If you do not know which one of them would be best for you, seek help with a dermatologist or a beautician.

Exfoliator and ingrowth hair

Exfoliation helps in avoiding the ingrowth hair issue. If you do the exfoliation before removing the hair and repeat it frequently, your skin will be smooth and future hair removal easy and effective. What is more, exfoliation allows you to avoid post-waxing skin irritation.

Exfoliator and cellulite and stretchmarks

Although the exfoliator is not resolving the cellulite and stretchmarks problem 100%, it helps in taking care of the body parts that suffer from the problem. The regular exfoliation makes skin smooth, firm and supple. On top of it, the ingredients of anticellulite cosmetics are absorbed much easier and faster.

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