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How to take care of oily hair?

By CN!

Hair excessively shiny at the base, devoid of volume and giving off an unpleasant odour – these are the problems that oily hair is struggling with on a daily basis. Why does the hair become oily and how to overcome it? Read the post and find your answers! 

Why does the hair get oily?

First of all, you should learn why the hair can get oily. In general, hair oiliness is the result of excessive sebum secretion caused by:

  • hormonal disorders associated, for example, with puberty;
  • improper skincare: using a large number of cosmetics that burden hair or lack of adequate care;
  • an unhealthy diet rich in processed products;
  • taking some medicines.

What is more, sometimes the problem of oily hair has a genetic basis.

How to treat oily hair?

Oily hair – washing 

Hair should be washed as often as needed thus it usually washed daily; It’s better to do it in the morning, because when we wash it in the evening, it might already get oily during the night. The selection of shampoo is very important. For everyday use, use a gentle shampoo, preferably without SLS, SLES, silicones and irritants, and every 2-3 days, it is worth reaching for a shampoo designed for oily hair, for example with nettle, black turnip or clay content, which will reduce the secretion sebum. Hair should be washed and rinsed with lukewarm water, because heat stimulates sebaceous glands to produce even more sebum.

Oily hair – nourishing 

Oily hair should be moisturized and nourished to prevent it from becoming greasy at the base and dry at the ends. For this purpose, you can apply a conditioner or a mask an hour before shampooing, which will nourish the hair without overburdening it. If you do not have enough time for such care, you should remember not to apply cosmetics directly to the scalp, but from the ear level down or just to the ends. Hair oiling is always a good idea; apply vegetable oil 1-3 hours before washing the hair. You can choose from castor oil, jojoba or argan oil or oil blends or scalp lotions. Hair oiling regulates the work of sebaceous glands and smoothes out the hair.

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