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Proper eyelash care – oil, serum or mascara?

By CN!

Shelves in drugstores are full of cosmetics designed to regenerate, embellish and support eyelash growth. We can choose from various cosmetics, such as oils conditioners, serums and even mascaras. It’s good to know which ones are the best and what is worth trying. Unfortunately, not all of them fulfil their task and improve the appearance of our eyelashes.

Let’s start from the beginning and analyse all the advantages and disadvantages of each option. This is the best way to find a perfect eyelash care product.

Oiling. Does it work?

The use of oils in eyelash care is not difficult if we choose a product with a light consistency. Unfortunately, natural oils are usually very thick, therefore can stick the eyelashes together.

One way to deal with this involves diluting natural eyelash oil with a lighter in formula hydrosol, but it is still difficult to use such a blend. It requires the use of some kind of an applicator, which is usually and old, clean mascara brush.

However, maybe it’s worth devoting some time to prepare the oil and apply it to the eyelashes? Regular, daily application can improve the condition of eyelashes but the effects come very, very slowly.

Eyelash serum – a simple way to beauty

By far the most popular eyelash care product is an eyelash serum. If it is well-composed, it can even enhance the eyelash growth.

What kind of eyelash serum should you choose to be satisfied with the results? First of all, pay attention to its composition. It is the ingredients that make the product effective. The more nutrients, extracts, vitamins and strengthening ingredients, the better. However, exaggeration in the amount is not a good idea either. The perfect eyelash serum should have a maximum of a dozen ingredients.

The second of all, the applicator in the eyelash serum is important as well. These are usually liquid products that must be applied at the base of eyelashes so as to reach the hair bulbs. A thin, precise brush is necessary for this.

Conditioning mascara

A separate category of eyelash care cosmetics includes mascaras enriched with nutrients. Its first task is to darken the lashes but at the same time they support the natural eyelash growth. Who would not want to strengthen their eyelashes during the day only by applying mascara?

Conditioning mascaras are becoming more and more popular. However, they are not able to replace serums, so you should use both of these cosmetics.

How does a mascara enriched with nutrients work? If we choose a good product, it will beautify the eyelashes – separate, lengthen, thicken and add volume. At the same time it can support their regeneration, nourish, moisturise and protect from various types of damage. This is a good alternative to the standard mascara.

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