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The incredible benefits of sacha inchi oil for skin and hair

By CN!

Did you know that Peruvian sacha inchi oil is known worldwide for its numerous skin and hair care benefits? In some countries it’s even recognized as one of the most luxurious naturally-derived beauty products. Owing to its wide range of properties and health benefits, sacha inchi oil is slowly gaining in popularity. Its one-of-a-kind diversity of essential fatty acids and antioxidants can’t be found in any other plant-based oil. What exactly can this oil give you?

What’s sacha inchi oil?

As the name suggests, this oil is extracted from the kernels of Sacha Inchi plant, native to Peruvian jungles. Interestingly, the fruit has a peculiar shape because it resembles a star. The oil extracted from the plant has a characteristic subtle aroma. Owing to a high concentration of nutrients, sacha inchi oil is perfect for being used as a base ingredient of balms, creams, facial masks and various hair care products.

Many sources on inchi oil confirm that it was widely used by Indians who lived in the Amazonian jungle. Its common applications were mainly connected with healing – it was put on the wounded, irritated and burned skin to help it repair itself quicker.

What is hidden inside sacha inchi oil?

As mentioned above, sacha inchi oil offers a unique blend of nutrients which are proven to have various skincare benefits. What are the constituents of sacha inchi oil?

Firstly, omega acids (6 and 9) known as essential fatty acids. Even though they are a common constituent of plant oils, there is no other oil that would be as dense with nutrients as sacha inchi oil. It’s made up of as much as 98% EFAs:

  • 54% of omega 3 α-Linolenic acid that is anti-inflammatory and repairs skin
  • 34% of omega 6 acid that maintains hydration in skin, brings relief and leaves skin smoother
  • around 10% of omega 9 oleic acid that leaves skin smoother and softer

Secondly, vitamin E. Being known as an antioxidant, this vitamin of youth shields skin from the adverse effect of free radicals, evens skin tone, brightens pigmentation spots. It also improves resilience thus is able to delay wrinkles.

Thirdly, vitamin A. This nutrient is proven to help skin shed its dead cells, which results in a smoother complexion. This nutrient is also proven to speed up skin self-repair processes and helps erase sun spots. Apart from that, vitamin A increases collagen and elastin production in skin.

Benefits of sacha inchi oil for skin and hair

  • Locks water inside the skin.
  • Increases collagen and elastin production in skin.
  • Erases wrinkles and delays ageing.
  • Visibly improves skin’s resilience, leaving it supple.
  • Evens skin tone, removes discoloration and dark spots.
  • Soothers irritations and protects skin.
  • Facilitates skin’s self-renewal.
  • Reduces cellulite and stretch marks.
  • Strengthens and nourishes nails.
  • Protects hair from splitting and boosts its shine.

What does sacha inchi oil owe its high popularity to?

It can’t be denied, sacha inchi oil is widely-used for various beauty treatments. It receives many positive reviews both as a single-ingredient beauty product as well as a constituent of creams or hair masks. Being a multi-tasking substance, sacha inchi oil is often used for skin, hair, body and nail treatments. Another plus is that this naturally-derived cosmetic is good for mature, dry, dehydrated skin, as well as problematic (e.g. allergy-prone and itching). Finally, sacha inchi oil is also good at fighting cellulite.

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